About us


I’m Jenny Staddon, the owner and senior vet at Ridings Equine Vets. I’m feeling excited and heres why; I’m focusing all my energy on bringing you a different type of veterinary practice. A practice that cares about your horse almost as much as you do, a practice that goes the extra mile to really get to know you and what you need from us. 

When I was 13 my horse George went lame. We called our local vet out and after a brief examination the vet declared “it could be navicular” then got in his car and drove off. I had no idea what navicular was, my parents were not horsey and Google didn't exist (yes, I really am that old). I remember the sleepless nights, the worry and the uncertainty of what was going to become of my first horse, best friend and absolute love of my life. In the end, he was fine and went on to have many years of ridden work without another day of lameness, in fact he didn't have navicular at all but that’s beside the point. We love our horses, they are part of our family and when something is wrong we worry for them more than we probably worry about ourselves! 

I realised when George was lame that often the fear of what might happen to our horses is usually far worse than the reality. I also realised that the only person who could have helped me back then with my questions and concerns was our vet. I decided that day that I wanted to become a horse vet, to help other people in my situation and do a better job than my vet had for me! 

And thats why I’m here today. I have dedicated my life to working with horses and after many years of working in other practices I have returned to my Yorkshire roots to accomplish what I set out to do at age 13; provide a veterinary service dedicated to horses and their owners, one that really cares. I want you to feel that your horse is in the best hands, and have peace of mind that should you have a problem I’m here to share it and help you find a solution. 

 My pets are my family, Charlie and Clover are my two horses that I bred myself, Susie and Ellie are my mini schnauzers who accompany me everywhere. I cant imagine life without any them! My passion is eventing, and someday i’m hoping to get back on the competition circuit with Charlie. Clover unfortunately suffered an injury as a foal which means she can sit back and enjoy the easy life of watching big brother do all the hard work! 

 I would love nothing more than to look after your horse and show you how different we really are: we genuinely do care. We are taking on limited new clients in 2016 so please complete the Register Horse form at the top of the page to let our journey begin. 

 I look forward to getting to know you and your horse!


Jenny x x x

Jenny Staddon BVSc certAVP(EP) MRCVS



My Team: 


Vicky Elbeck (Head Groom) 

Vicky joined Ridings equine vets in June 2015 and we wouldn't be without her now! Vicky spends a lot of her spare time searching for many of her pet chickens that have decided to take on the mean feat of running away from home! Vicky puts 110% into ensuring that everything is kept in order within the practice and attends calls with the vets. She has recently been nominated for the Petplan Veterinary support staff award! Vicky can often be found out hacking and jumping everything in sight on her horse Rosie!

Emma Palmer (Receptionist)

Our star receptionist Emma joined the practice in June 2015, since then she has proved invaluable! She is the queen of multitasking in the office and makes sure everything is running smoothly. Emma has four dogs (Lexi, Reilly, Molly and Peggy) and a horse called Jake so out of office hours she is kept very busy! She has also been nominated for the Petplan Veterinary Support staff award! 

Paige Linguard (Administrator)

Paige joined the practice in January 2016 and is working alongside Emma in the office. She spends most of her spare time riding her two horses (Tango- the clue is in the name, and Rye) and the rest of it skidding around in the mud of the glorious North Yorkshire countryside whilst out walking. After working with horses for the last few years she decided to turn her hand to office work and working at Ridings provides the best of both worlds! (And a warm office instead of a cold stable!)