Equine Cushings Disease: FREE LAB FEES until the end of November

Until the end of November 2013 the laboratory fees for the ACTH blood test to detect Cushing's disease will be free of charge to help assist in early identification of this disease in laminitis prone horses and ponies.
Please note that a fee for taking and sending the bloods still applies.

Geriatric Health Checks: During December and January Ridings Equine Vets are offering health checks for your older horses and ponies! The health check includes a physical exam including heart, lungs, eyes and limbs, a dental exam and routine treatment if required, a general blood screen and a worm egg count and worming program for 2014. The price for the health check is £100 which is great value for money and will hopefully make sure your oldies have the best possible winter. Please contact us for more information or to book an appointment.

Equine Colic Talk: Octobers Colic talk was a great success with over 70 people attending to learn some valuable tips on colic in horses. The next talk will be in January 2014 (Date yet to be decided)- make sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages nearer the time, or better still let us have your email so we can add you to our mailing list! (with pic attached)

Gastric Ulcer Clinic- Ridings Equine Vets will be running a Gastric Ulcer Clinic in February 2014 where the cost of gastroscopy used to identify horses with ulcers will be heavily subsidised. If you think your horse could have gastric ulcers or has previously been diagnosed, this would be a great opportunity to have your horse checked out at a much reduced rate! Please watch this space for more details or contact us to register your interest.

Equine Vaccination Amnesty: Are your horses vaccinations out of date? Or do you need to start a new course of vaccinations? In March 2014 Ridings Equine Vets will be offering the second vaccination of a new course FREE of charge. This applies to horses starting a new vaccination program for equine influenza.

Written By: Jenny Staddon

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