Yard visit scheme

Yard visit scheme

If you're on a livery yard with more than 5 registered clients, why not join the Yard Visit Scheme?

We visit your yard each month on a set day and time and you pay no visit fee. It means you always know when we will be on the yard and you can arrange your routine work so that you never pay a visit fee.

How the scheme works-

Your yard will be supplied with a notice board detailing the days and times of the visits. Depending on your yard, you may choose to nominate one person (e.g. the yard manager) to let us know 24 hours in advance of your visit which horses need to be seen. Alternatively, you may prefer to call us directly to book your horse in.

It is important all horses are booked in advance so we can allocate enough time for your visit. If no horses are booked in then we will not visit the yard.

On large yards, if there is a big demand for the visits then we can increase them to two per month.

Please contact us for further information or to sign up.