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Some of you may have seen this article recently, for those of you that haven’t we would highly recommend having a look as this is


The nights may be drawing out (yes, they really are!) but warm weather still feels very far away! Horse’s are much more prone to injuries at this time of year, here’s why:

horse trailer transport

A weekend on call reminded me recently of the importance of our clients having a plan on transporting their horse or pony in an emergency situation. Is it something you have thought about? Would you have transport available if your vet advised your horse needed moving urgently to a veterinary clinic, or referring as an emergency to an equine hospital? I remember when


***£100 gastroscopy offer***

Friday 9th November 2018 @ Stapleton, Darrington

Did you know…?

The only way to definitively diagnose equine gastric ulcers is by gastroscopy…

Farewell Anna!


Last week we said a fond farewell to our lovely Anna. Anna joined the practice in August 2016 and we knew she was special from the day she came for an interview


The nights are drawing in and the mornings are feeling fresher, winter is just around the corner which means it’s time to think about your autumn worming plan.


Could your horse have gastric ulcers?

Gastric ulcers affect over 50% of horses and can affect any horse at any age. There are two forms of equine gastric ulcers; squamous ulcers and glandular ulcers. These two forms of the disease relate to the two regions of the equine stomach.


Liver disease in horses is relatively common, however there are many different potential underlying causes. As in humans, a horse’s liver has huge reserve capacity.


I’m not sure what’s happened but all of a sudden, my pony seems to have turned into a woolly mammoth!

Having hairy horses during winter is inevitable, if you don’t do much ridden work it often won’t become a problem.


It’s that difficult time of year when its warm during the day but going off quite cool at night. This puts us in a difficult situation with management, specifically with regards rugging.