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Ridings Equine Vets are seeing more and more cases of Strangles in the Yorkshire area. We have come up with ten tips to help horse owners prevent the disease.

snotty nose

Equine strangles is a common disease affecting horses that can occasionally be fatal – here is a brief description of signs, treatments, testing and prevention.


Many of you know at Ridings Equine Vets we are always caring for a variety horses at our practice. Here is a little insight of what we get up to at our practice.


As vets, our time is somewhat divided between preventative healthcare, treating a range of medical and orthopaedic problems and firefighting emergencies

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I’ve put together a list of horse related New Year’s Resolutions that I think every horse owner or rider should be thinking about to get the most out of their horse in 2018.


At Ridings Equine Vets we are passionate about equine dentistry and are committed to making sure your horses’ mouth is in the best condition possible.


We are able to offer a full equine dental service. Regular dental examinations are vital in horses and ponies to maintain health and performance.


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Ridings Equine Vets has an exciting opportunity for an experienced credit controller to join our small friendly team based in Darrington, West Yorkshire. The Credit Controller is responsible for managing the accounts receivable and minimising bad debts to ensure the practice operates efficiently and maximising cash flow. 


2017 is going so quick I can’t believe we’re in Autumn already! Atypical Myopathy (sycamore poisoning) is a disease close to my heart as my horse Clover had the disease in 2012 so it’s important to me that all our clients understand the disease and what they can do to prevent it, I don’t want anyone to have to experience it for themselves.

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Ridings Equine Vets have an exciting vacancy for a veterinary groom at our equine veterinary practice based in Darrington, West Yorkshire.