Compulsory Microchipping- is your horse chipped?!

In 2018 the government announced that all horses, ponies and donkeys are legally required to be microchipped by October 2020.

Reading the microchip after implantation

Why microchip?

The law has been introduced following significant numbers of horses being abandoned, often in horrific conditions. The RSPCA reportedly rescued over 1,000 horses in 2017 and as many are without microchips it has often been impossible to identify owners and prosecute them for these situations.

It also helps identify and return horses who have been stolen to their rightful owners. Owners can also identify their horses as missing, update details to include loan homes, with another keeper or not for sale through the new central equine database.

But my horse is old or never leaves the yard?

Unfortunately all horses, ponies and donkeys must be chipped, if not the owner could face sanctions from their local authority including a compliance notice and, as a last resort, a fine of up to £200.

Only horses born after 1st July 2009 had previously been required to be microchipped, so it is worth checking your horses passport to make sure they have been microchipped and book in for this to be done if not.

How do I get my horse microchipped?

Please call our office on 07747 771182 to book in!