Remain Vigilant for COVID-19 on your yard!

This weekend we have seen further relaxation of the COVID-19 government guidance with the opening of pubs, bars and restaurants. It would almost seem to many that the threat of corona virus has gone away.... but the fact is the virus still remains and it is important that horse owners remain vigilant and continue to take sensible precautions against corona virus. Here are some useful suggestions:

  • Ensure regular hand washing when you visit your horse - ideally as soon as you arrive at the yard and before you leave as a minimum. Wash hands for 20 seconds under warm soapy water.
  • If your yard does not have hand washing facilities keep some hand sanitiser with you and use it regularly.
  • Try to ensure you keep at least 2m away from other owners when you are on the yard, especially avoid indoor spaces such as coffee rooms and tack rooms.
  • You should not be travelling in the same car or horsebox with other riders unless you are from the same household.
  • When riding with friends try to maintain the 2m distance - especially if riding side by side.
  • Only touch your own things when at the yard, avoid handling anything other people may also touch.
  • Set up a disinfection protocol for at risk areas such as feed bins, taps, gates etc
  • Keep your tack at home to avoid having to go into the tack room.
  • Respect any rules put in place by your yard manager.
  • If you feel unwell or show any of the symptoms of COVID-19 ensure you self isolate immediately.
  • Make sure you have a plan for if you are unable to go to the yard due to self isolating or being unwell.
  • Remember that your horse needs to keep up their routine healthcare such as vaccinations, dentistry, farriery and worm egg counts.
Avoid standing close to other people around your horse.
As vets we are taking social distancing very seriously - in most cases we can work safely while maintaining a safe distance.