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2024- What does my horse need this year?!

Its come back to that time of year when we're just getting to grips with Christmas and New Years being over, where our bank balances are not quite where we'd like them to be and neither are our waist lines! I always find this a good time of year to have a think and remind myself what my horse needs this year and when these things need to be booked in!


Sinusitis- what is it?

Recently we've seen a few cases of horses with nasal discharge and we thought it would be a good idea to post about one of the conditions we associate with nasal discharge.


Training aids – help or hindrance?

There are many different types of training aids on the market and many different opinions on them too! This blog will hopefully give you a little more insight on what you should do if you are considering using them.

Training aids are most commonly used for the following reasons –