We can provide a worming program specifically tailored towards your horses needs. Every horse is different and veterinarians now recognise that only a percentage of the population need regular worming.

Our worming strategies are based around regular worm egg counts to ensure your horse gets the right worming program for him.

Our worm egg counts are conducted inhouse for a small fee. We will provide instructions on how to collect the faeces for the best results and supply you with the sampling materials.

What is a worm egg count?

A worm egg count (also known as a faecal egg count) is a small sample of dung prepared and examined under a microscope for worm eggs. You cannot see worm eggs with the naked eye. Each sample is tested twice and your worming advice is based on the results.

This means you are worming your horse in a knowledgeable way, giving you peace of mind over your worm control measures.

All yards enlisted on the Yard Visit Scheme can have a yard worming program set up for them, just get in touch and we will do the rest.