Zone Visits Return!

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After three months of restrictions due to COVID-19 we are pleased to

announce that from Monday 6th July our zone visits will resume.

Please see the list below for what we can do on a zone visit:

  • Vaccinations
  • Dentistry
  • Blood Tests
  • Microchips and passports
  • Clinical examinations (excluding lameness)
  • Mite injections
  • Omeprazole injections
  • Sarcoid cream applications

Click on the following link to see what zone you are in:

Please note that we are not able to perform lameness investigations, diagnostic imaging (radiography, ultrasound, gastroscopy, endoscopy), castrations or clipping on zone visits but can provide these services any day of the week via our standard visits.

If you are on a Yard serviced by our yard visit scheme then we are also doing the free yard visits.

Equine Vets