2024- What does my horse need this year?!

Its come back to that time of year when we're just getting to grips with Christmas and New Years being over, where our bank balances are not quite where we'd like them to be and neither are our waist lines! I always find this a good time of year to have a think and remind myself what my horse needs this year and when these things need to be booked in!

  1. Vaccinations- we advise all horses are vaccinated against Equine Influenza and Tetanus. After the primary course of 3 injections your horses vaccine MUST be done within the year or you will need to start again! We have had several people this year miss their dates and have had to restart! Do you know when your horses vaccines are due?!
  2. Dentistry- We advise all horses have annual checks for their teeth, younger, older or those whose teeth get sharp quickly are recommended to have more frequent checks. When was the last time your horse had a dental?!
  3. Farriery- Intervals vary significantly between horses, so make sure you and your farrier are booking regular appointments to attend to your horses feet!
  4. Worming- when was your horse last wormed or have a worm egg count? What product did you use? Are you on a yard plan or do you sort yourself? When are they next due? Have you covered for encysted redworm and tapeworm? Have they had a saliva tapeworm test?
  5. Physiotherapy- ensure to use a qualified equine physiotherapist who can help you keep your horse in tip top shape!
  6. Saddle Fitting- should be done at least yearly to make sure you don't require any adjustments or after changes in body condition or time off work!
  7. Weight management- lets be honest here and take a serious look at our horses.... can you see their ribs? Do they have a prominent crest? A big apple bottom? Now is a really good time to get ontop of their diet and exercise before the spring grass comes through.

We are happy to help by booking you in for vaccination/dental work and offering advice regarding worming and weight management- our diary is open for 2024 so we can get your routine appointments booked in for you later in the year- one less thing to worry about! We are contactable on facebook messenger, instagram, whatsapp/text or calling 07747 771182 or emailing info@ridingsequinevets.co.uk

Wishing everyone a belated happy new years! Alex xx