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Equine Flu Vaccinations – the rules when competing

Do you know your flu vaccination rules for competitions? Lots have changed recently, and different organisations have rules that do not match. In some cases some venues have different rules too!

I’ve put together a list of organisations and their current rules for vaccination – many of you will already know about these if you attend their events, but please check if you are not sure!

This is not a complete list but I’ve summarised Pony Club, Riding Club, BD, BSJA, BE and FEI below.


All things eyes….!

This weeks blog has been inspired by the several eye cases we’ve had over the last few weeks! We’ll go through some of the common eye conditions we see and why it is so important for them to be checked by a vet….


Three diseases your overweight horse has a higher risk of.

According to recent studies over 50% of horses in the UK are overweight. I can easily believe this as myself and the team at Ridings Equine Vets take our role in educating horse owners about weight loss very seriously. It’s not an easy task to get horses to lose weight and sometimes it may seem like there is no reward for such hard efforts. So I thought it would be useful to look at some of the problems that overweight horses are more likely to suffer from…


Equine Choke

We regularly see horses with choke – including a couple recently, so here is some information for anyone who wants to know more!
What is choke?
Choke is any condition – usually a blockage – that stops food and saliva passing


Job Vacancy – Administrator/Receptionist

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a highly organised, capable and efficient administrator/receptionist for our growing equine veterinary practice based in Lumby, West Yorkshire. We are a rapidly growing team and take pride in putting our clients and their horses first. We aim to provide the highest standard of veterinary care for horses and make sure our clients feel we are putting their needs first.


Gastroscopy clinics 21st and 31st January!

The gastroscopy clinics will be on the 21st and 31st of January and cost £100 including sedation (and VAT!) – to book your horse in please phone/text us on 07747 771182 or email us at


My 2020 plan for healthy horses!

2020 is just around the corner! Every year we make new year resolutions which invariably last a few weeks then they are forgotten! This year, instead of resolutions I’m making a plan. I’m going to plan how I can make sure my two horses Charlie and Clover have a healthy, sound and peak performing year


What to do if your horse gets colic

Colic is a word that puts the fear of god among horse owners. Although we see colic cases all year round, winter often has a peak especially when the weather gets really cold. So, what should you do if you horse gets colic? Here is my top 10 do’s and don’ts:


Time to Think About Encysted Redworm

It’s time to start thinking about encysted redworm and what that means for our horses and their worming programmes. Being one of the most serious types of worm infection it’s important to know the facts!


What NOT to do if your horse has a wound!

This week we’re preparing for our Autumn Client Talk on wounds and first aid and I’ve been reflecting on the wounds I have attended this year. I realised that owners probably don’t realise that what they do to the wound prior to the vet arriving on the scene can have a dramatic effect on the outcome. While we will have some great tips on what you should do I think what NOT to do is far more important, so here goes…


Avoiding Fireworks Frenzy

This time of year can bring lots of stress and worry for us with bangs and flashes sending our horses into a state of fear and distress. Even the calmest horse may be put out by the unusual noises or smells of a bonfire. It seems like it can be never ending with displays and fireworks every single night for a matter of weeks, and we have it all to come again at new year as well. So what can you can to help minimise potential stress and injuries to your horse?

mud fever

Mud Fever Management

Sadly it is that time of year again! As we are out on yards the presence of rugs appearing, covered up greys and squelching can mean only one thing…. mud!

This weeks blog will be focusing on mud fever- with a few tips and tricks for prevention and management!